“There Is Nothing Else To Talk About”

Rent Freeze – Rent Reduction – Cap on Rent
Jobs Jobs Jobs

  1. Rent Freeze
  2. Rent Reduction
  3. Cap On Rent
  4. Mortgage, Property Taxes Reduction in some cases waived cause by the fraud of (Fannie Mae) and (Freddie Mac), and the approximately $6 Thousand Dollars of your money the U.S. Government spent to bailout businesses.
  5. Other…

Will create more than 6 million Jobs, and will generate a 3 to 6 billion dollar surplus. Do the math? Rent reduced to $550 per month and to some $750 per month paid for by the $800 Billion Dollar Bailout and the $787 Billion Dollar Stimulus of your money plus a 60% ownership of (GM) General Motors.

There is more, but for now just all we ask is that you give us a voice on the ballot.