1. No more Month to Month Tenants

Buildings built before the year 1999. Rent will not exceed $850.00 per. mo

  1. landlords who have not registered there buildings Tenants will live (1) One year Rent Free. (This will serve as a fine)
  2. Landlords who failed to give tenant interest from security deposit tenant will live:

2 years: 1 month free
4 years: 2 month free
6 years: 3 month free
Other: 6 to (1) One year free

  • Late Fee –
  1. If the tenant can prove the landlord have charge a late fee, tenant will live (1) One Month Free for each month a late fee was charge.
  2. No abandon buildings
  • Make Repairs to Building or Apartment –
  1. Landlord will have from the time a tenant have to pay rent to make repairs. If landlord failed to do so tenant will live (1) month free until or for ever how long it takes for the repairs to be made.

(Winter – Heat or Hot Water)
Landlord will have 24 hours to make repairs if failed to do so the City will make the necessary repairs and bill the landlord, plus the tenant will live the next month free.

  • Landlord with Violations –
  1. Rent will be reduce to what ever rent were the year of violation.
    if rent were $400.00 in 1986 and the landlord has violations dating back to that year rent will be reduce to the rent of that year.
  2. Cap on Rent
  3. Rent Freeze
  4. Rent Reduction

This bill is design to protect tenants from the greed and opportunity that followed 9-11. Greed that has force us to abolished;

  1. Rent Control Board
  2. Rent Guidelines Board
  3. Rent Stabilization Board

New Rent regulation will be imposed where your rent will not exceed one (1) week of your pay.